Essay Award List

In 2015 the essay prize has not been awarded.

The 2014 essay prize has been awarded to Agnes Andeweg from the University of Maastricht for her article entitled “Manifestations of the Flying Dutchman. On materialising ghosts and (not) remembering the colonial past”. Please go to the related post for more Information.

The 2013 Essay prize was awarded to Solie Ylivuori, Helsinki University, for her essay entiteld ‘A Polite Foucault? Eighteenth-Century Politeness as a Disciplinary System and a Practice of the Self’.

In 2012 the essay prize has not been awarded.

The 2011 prize was awarded to Erin Sullivan, of the Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, for her essay entitled ‘The Watchful Spirit: Religious Anxieties toward Sleep in Seventeenth-Century England’.

The 2010 prize was awared to Kirsi Kanerva for her essay entitled ‘Ogoefa (misfortune) as an Emotion in Thirteenth-Century Iceland’.

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